Ayahuasca & Master Plant Dieta

Eco Journeys Peru also provides retreats for private groups with Vilma Mahua Campos at the Arkana de Noya Ayahuasca and Master Plant healing center from 2017 onwards. These retreats vary from superfood detox retreats, yoga retreats and 10 or 14 day Master Plant diets. 

Please read below for more information.


In the Amazon regoin of Peru, Ayahuasca is part of a broader holistic medicine system which greatly relies upon deep immersion and slight fasting with a range of powerful medicinal teacher plants. This process is traditionally referred to as a “dieta”. 

These are immersive personal journeys aimed at taking you into deep levels of cleansing, expansion and healing for mind body and spirit through the practices outlined below. It is through this process that the Maestros we work with have trained themselves. This is because dieta, when done right not only teaches and heals but also protects us on all levels and helps to manifest our dreams with clarity and magnetism. 

These dieta’s are serious spiritual work for mature people who are prepared to focus, surrender and receive the immense wisdom and healing available through this ancient traditional path. It is a delicate process that involves, preparation and adherence to strict guidelines before, during and after the retreat, not doing so can cause serious problems. 

Stripping back the distractions of mind and society, assists us in creating the condition to reveal our true nature, our purpose on this earth, our heart’s truth. Also, when we are dealing with physical illness, as many are it takes time for the right plants to get deeply into our beings so that healing can occur. 
Read more about Post Dieta here. This is why Ayahuasca alone is not always enough. 

There are many spiritual paths to healing, but for those who feel called to plant medicine, it is a clear and heartfelt call, one worth listening too. The plants are living conscious beings that we enter a lasting relationships with and gain much from.  

Please note: Dieta is a very Delicate process. If you participate in a master plant diet with us you MUST follow a Post-Diet guideline upon leaving. Not doing so can result in serious illness both spiritual and physical. Please consider this when making travel plans. 

Our 14 Day Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dieta with the Noya Rao includes:

  • Sangre de Grado Purge

  • At least 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Peruvian Master Shaman Vilma Mahua Campos

  • Master Plants personally chosen for you by the Maestra/Shaman through a process of interview and energetic diagnosis to meet your specific needs.

  • All meals provided in line with traditional dieta process however can cater for most dietary requirements such as allergies, vegan etc.

  • Accommodation in your own private room. Solitude is an essential part of this process you will be asked to follow these Guest Commitments and Guidelines while in Dieta with us.

  • 24 Hour access to trained English Speaking Staff and the Maestra.

  • Opportunity to learn about the renowned Shibibo Mahua tradition

  • Floral baths to assist in the cleansing and protection process.

  • Access to daily steaming hot, Amazonian Vapor baths or Sauna to cleanse and renew your energy

  • Transport to and from the city of Iquitos, Peru.

  • We work with small groups of no more than 10 guests at a time. For this reason we are often fully booked in advance of retreat dates.