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Noya Rao - The Tree of Light,Ayahuasca & The Dieta

When I finished my Kambo training, I went to visit Wilma at her center. I was walking in the forest, looking for a specific tree to make Kambo pallets from. I hadn’t realized I had wondered towards the Noya Rao on the property. Our first encounter and I was speechless in its energy. I dropped my machete and approached the tree. I hugged her, and told her I could see her light shining from everybody healing at this center while I was here. I promised to bring people from around the world to diet her and spread her consciousness and asked for a little help or a sign in the meantime. When I turned to walk away, there was a perfect, 1-foot long, cut piece of the branch I was looking for resting on my Machete. Our journey together had begun.



In the Shipibo tradition, this is the pinnacle of master plants and the plant spirit is second only to God. The leaves that fall are luminescent, they glow in the dark as you can see in the photographs above.

Noya Rao is all good, all light, all love. A divine feminine. The tree is the physical embodiment of an enlightened being. She has shownvisions that the same way a human can become enlightened like Buddha or Christ, so can a tree become Noya Roa. The more that we work with her and spread the love and light, the more she will appear as a physical tree, giving more people the opportunity to diet her and use her wood for pipes and medicine. She is the queen in the world of plant spirits. Noya Rao is know for helping those who diet her find their life purpose, their highest path. She is helping humanity transcend.


Noya Rao is a master plant, knowledgable, wise, where historically our ancestors used to drink to learn from her and to prepare for the world of Shamanism. Our ancestors did strong diets, months and years so that they could align themselves with the wisdom and intelligence so that they can have all of the gifts from the plants in order to be able to do their spiritual work with other people and defend themselves against all the risks spiritually and physically.  The diet of the Noya Rao teaches a person so many beautiful things, to heal, to align oneself, ties etc. also, for this it you must be a good person of good heart, with a good spirit, honest, kind and above all, to be a good person in all. When you are a good person, of good heart, the spirit of the Noya Rao teaches so many great things very easily with the diet” – Wilma Mahua.


The healing lineage of the Noya Rao started with the my unlce, Manuel Mahua, his four brothers and their father (my grandfather). From there, the 5 brothers from the Shibibo line of healers, the most powerful in the world internationally even and up until today, brought the spirit of Noya Rao to the world. Now, it is only two brothers who are left to look after us. Three of them are now enjoying in the presence of God.” – Wilma Mahua

The Dieta
Where does a shaman get their knowledge and ability to heal others? From the spirits of the plants. How do they get this? From a tradition called a Dieta. This is a practice that is necessary for one to become a plant doctor. It is a process that invites the spirit of a plant to merge with your body and spirit, work as an ally to teach you and give you power and knowledge to heal others.

These are immersive personal journeys aimed at taking you into deep levels of cleansing, expansion and healing for mind body and spirit through the practices outlined below.

Stripping back the distractions of mind and society, assists us in creating the condition to reveal our true nature, our purpose on this earth, our heart’s truth. Also, when we are dealing with physical illness, as many are it takes time for the right plants to get deeply into our beings so that healing can occur. There are many spiritual paths to healing, but for those who feel called to plant medicine, it is a clear and heartfelt call, one worth listening too. The plants are living conscious beings that we enter a lasting relationships with and gain much from.

It involves fasting both food and water for a certain amount of time, eating a simple bland diet and being removed from all stimulation so one can mediate and concentrate on the plant spirit, building a relationship with it. It is remarkably life changing. More and more people are experiencing the benefits of doing plant diets and connecting with the spirits of plants. You don’t have to become a Shaman. This process can help in all aspects of life and your own personal healing.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca or Banisteriopis Caapi is a vine native to the Amazon Basin, found from Bolivia all the way to Columbia. When prepared in a traditional manner generally alongside leaves of the Chacruna plant Ayahuasca is traditionally consumed ceremoniously under the guidance of a Shaman and assistants. It is used as a diagnostic by Shaman such as Wilma to see wherer the root cause of our illness and need for healing lays within us.

Ayahuasca is a powerful spiritual teacher and medicinal plant.

However, not all medications and health conditions are safe to combine with this plant so we always follow a strict screening process before confirming any retreats.

In Peru, Ayahuasca is the cornerstone of an entire shamanic plant medicine system which we believe is the best and most effective way to approach this work.

Our  7 to14 Day Ayahuasca and Master Plant Dieta with the Noya Rao includes:

  • Sangre de Grado Purge

  • At least 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Peruvian Master Shaman Vilma Mahua Campos

  • Master Plants personally chosen for you by the Maestra Wilma Mahua through a process of interview and energetic diagnosis to meet your specific needs.

  • All meals provided in line with traditional dieta process however can cater for most dietary requirements such as allergies, vegan etc.

  • Accommodation in your own private room.

  • 24 Hour access to trained English Speaking Staff and the Maestra.

  • Opportunity to learn about the renowned Shibibo Mahua tradition

  • Floral baths to assist in the cleansing and protection process.

  • Access to daily steaming hot, Amazonian Vapor baths or Sauna to cleanse and renew your energy

  • Transport to and from the city of Iquitos, Peru.

  • We work with small groups of no more than 10 guests at a time. For this reason we are often fully booked in advance of retreat dates.