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"Brendan I would like to thank you and let you know how grateful I am for the experience you have provided over the 11 day tour with eco journeys in Peru. From the amazing food and accommodation to showing myself and the whole group the beautiful towns and villages in Cusco and the planetarium which was fascinating. Guiding and providing support through the 4 day trek then finally being apart of the of Garden of Peace in the Amazon jungle. Not only are you a fountain of knowledge, you’re a great craic and have a beautiful soul. Knowing that the money made from this trip has gone to the families that really need it has made it even more special. You are “the secret” in motion. As for Wilma I can only be blessed to have been healed through Ayahuasca by the one of the most respected Shamans in the Amazon. You have unbelievable healing powers and the experience was something out of this world. I will be most definitely travelling to Quitos in the future to see you."

Stephanie Robinson,UK 2018

"For some time, my best friend Lori and I dreamed of going to Peru together. Our dream finally came true in July 2019. We booked a tour with Brendan Mulcahy and that was the best decision ever!

As soon as we arrived in Cusco, Brendan was there to take care of every little detail. He had planned a fantastic itinerary for us that was jam-packed with marvelous sights, sounds and activities. He made every arrangement and we found ourselves staying in lovely hotels and having delicious meals during our trip from Cusco, through the sacred valley to Machu Picchu. During our travels, Brendan kept us entertained with the best stories! His easy-going positive attitude and remarkable sense of humour made everything so enjoyable. We felt incredibly well taken care of, right down to the massages Brendan booked for us after our journey to Machu Picchu!

We traveled to Iquitos in the Amazon and met the powerful and compassionate shaman, Wilma, whose healing center we stayed at for a week. Again, Brendan took great care of us as we went through deep healing experiences. Upon our return to Iquitos we took a trip across the river to an animal sanctuary - definitely recommended!

Brendan's passion for connecting with people and helping those in need added an extra special element. We were honoured to meet some Peruvians that benefit from Brendan's generosity and were delighted that young Elvis and his brother got the new shoes they desperately needed.

His knowledge of the country, his experiences living and traveling there, his attention to detail, his command of Spanish, his cheerful and uplifting nature and his giant sense of fun make Brendan Mulcahy the ideal tour guide! Don't go to Peru without him!!"

Laura Christmann - Canada 2019

"Hey Brendan

...After 4 days and 2 ceremonies with Senora Vilma..the first ceremony was with both Vilma and Don Enrique and just me a great young Norwegian fella named Johnny...who I believe you may of met....the space was so small and the ceremony was so very beautiful and powerful..... I swear to God Brendan that Wilma’s voice nearly lifted the roof clean off that Maloka....I am a little lost for words right now other than to say how grateful I am to you...

Hey Brendan,

Back in Australia now for about 10 days....The ceremonies in Iquitos were so powerful and beautiful....the first one...was very special...with both Don Enrique and Vilma and only myself and a great young Norwegian bloke...named Johnny...I felt that I was blessed with being the focus of Vilma's full magnificent power and strength during that ceremony....she wouldn't let up...She just kept coming at me over and over and over again until she broke through....until she had healed what needed to be healed....it was something else altogether Brendan. Don Enrique is a very charismatic Sharman with a real sense of goodness, authority and strength about him...that masculine/feminine balance and energy that they bring to a ceremony is very special....but...it will be Vilma that I remember... her voice and power...for the rest of my days....as for my plans now...I am 62 in November...and just about had enough of work...so I will probably like to head back to Peru..always remember Brendan that there will always  be a warm welcome waiting over here for youfrom me and my family....should you ever find yourself down under...

Until our paths cross again Brother....

God Bless Mate


Shane Coffey, Austrailia 2018

"Eco Journeys Peru was a life changing experience from top to bottom. I’ve been interested in Peru and the ancient medicine traditions for quite some time and to be introduced to those things by someone as knowledgeable and experienced as Brendan made the journey nothing short of amazing. It is one thing to be able to explore a new country and it is another to be guided through the country and shown it’s hidden gems by someone who has spent a lot of time there. Going into the jungle to drink the medicine was unbelievable. I felt safe in the hands of Brendan and Vilma and felt that I was brought into that world gently. Brendan’s experience shined through in this way as well. Vilma’s singing was heavenly. By the end of the trip I had grown closely with and shared unfathomable experiences with a small group of people from all over the world. There was pure magic all around and some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.


Cheers mate,

Jessie" Jessie Jones - United States. 2019