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Meet Wilma Mahua Campos.(Pictured here with the wonderful Laura from our July 2019 trip)


Wilma is a huge part of why Eco Journeys Peru exists. After hearing her story, meeting and working with her and seeing first hand, the true healing Angel that she is on this Earth, I felt obligated and responsible to bring people who are looking for an authentic Ayahuasca ceremony to her. There are too many charlatans out there and this work is too sacred. Wilma and her family are basically Plant Spirit Royalty, humble, beautiful people. The only lineage to the Noya Rao, Tree of light.

“I am the daughter of the famous, Don Benjamin Mahua, known as the ‘Trunk of the Noya Rao’. I was also reared by her late uncle, Papa Pascual Mahua who passed away in the summer of 2020. I am 44 year old, mother of 5 children and I am indigenous to the Shibibo community from the high, middle and lower Ucayali in the Peruvian Amazon. I have been healing with Ayahuasca and Plant Medicines for over 25 years.”


Wilma has been in ceremony with Ayahuasca since she was a young child and started her first Plant Diet when she was 12. By the time she was 17, she was told by her father Benji and uncle, Papa Pascual, that they were going to start the beginning of this mission in her life.


“That night, I experienced something marvelous in the ceremony, my family were all there and saw this happening. My arms, hands, my fingers, and my feet began to grow many leaves and branches. They were transforming into my body.”

A short time afterwards, “I was shown a white hand, full of beautiful designs, surrounded by my family and my ancestors. The hand, which I feel was that of God, brought me in its Palm through the Flower of Life which was a like a portal, and showed me all of the people in world I was going to heal with Plant Medicine'.

When I told my parents, they explained that this was part of my diets, that the medicine was merging with my body and spirit. They explained that I was chosen while in my Mothers womb and they were told by the Noya Rao to name me ‘Inkankena’” (meaning ‘little hospital’).

The prophecy of her life had begun to unfold.

Wilma is very connected to God, the Plant Spirit world and works with them both in her Ayahuasca ceremonies. She was put on this Earth to heal others. A super special lady and a great friend. In December 2019, Vilma was with her father, Benji, who is now over 90 years old, they  spent 3 days together in ceremony while he could pass on his power and teachings to her before he leaves this world. Her unlce, Papa Pascual, who passed away in August 2020, it was a very difficult time for her. The world lost a very special soul. After his death, she was visited by him and he gave her his healing energy and wisdom to carry forwards in her Ayahuasca ceremonies. 

“Plants are spirits that teach us how to heal spiritually, mentally and physically, they teach us their healing songs (Icaros). The Noya Rao is something very special on this Earth. It has connected me very much with Angels of God, their prayers, their gifts, wisdom, intelligence and above all the Light of Peace and Love.” - Wilma Mahua